Since the launch of the iPad, Apple has been fielding complaints about the difficulty of typing on the device.  With the release of the smaller iPad, Apple took a bold step to address the issue by offering iTypewriter.

Let’s face it.  No matter how cool your iPad is, typing is more difficult than on your old keyboard.  Apple constantly receives complaints from users who just can’t get used to the feel of typing on their screens.  And there’s also the problem of all those fingerprints.

With the release of the new, smaller iPad, Apple decided that it had to address the problem head on.

With the introduction of iTypewriter, users will enjoy all the modern technological convenience of a tablet, along with the comfortable old feeling of their ancient manual typewriter.

Sources within the Chinese factory where iTypewriter is being produced said that the device is not bundled with the new iPad, but instead is sold separately as an optional accessory.

Apple is also predicting a large increase in iPad sales to older users, who have been holding off on buying an iPad because they couldn’t figure out where to plug in the keyboard.


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