The Alliance For Internet Memes has voted 6-1 to resurrect the once popular term cray cray and expand it to a third cray for a whole new generation of tweens.

Cray Cray Cray“We understand that it actually sounds less cool to call something cray cray cray because it simply takes too long to say,” AIM Executive Director Cameron Sherman said in the majority decision. “Therefore, proper use shortens it to tres cray, as in: “Nigga, that shit tres cray!” (NOTE: “tres” is French and is pronounced like tray – as in lunch tray)

With the decision finalized, AIM now has the arduous task of trying to get the phrase into the mainstream in order to maximize usage and overexposure in the shortest amount of time possible. While the group has numerous tools at its disposal, the easiest to exploit may be its rapport with scriptwriters for Disney sitcoms.

“Once we get that China Anne McClain to say it on A.N.T. Farm, there’ll be no stopping it,” said Sherman. “But then once that annoying puppet on Crash & Bernstein says it, the phrase is dead.”

Language experts agree the phrase does have a nice ring to it as well as history on its side with the success of phrases that have been tripled into everyday vocabulary.

“There’s the Triple Crown in horse racing and baseball, the triple dog dare you can’t turn down, the Triple Lindy,” said International College of Applied Linguistics professor George Thompson. “But that’s the end of the road. You can double, you can triple, but quadrupling is just stupid.”

The AIM directive noted that something should truly be worthy of three times the cray before being labeled as triple cray. However, they also acknowledge that policing usage is “damn near impossible” and that even “this shiny, new catch phrase” will eventually fall out of favor with today’s youth.

From CAPnews.


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