Google has announced that they’re already working on a second Google Glass model for consumers who have no desire to “get off their lazy asses ever again.”

Google Glass 2.0Where its predecessor aims to help users better experience the world around them, Google Glass 2.0 eliminates the need to be out in the world altogether, insiders say. Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, 2.0 will give users the feeling that they’re surrounded by friends, achieving their life goals, and have a purpose to go on living without requiring them to even get out of bed in the morning. Though still in its developmental stages, preset experiences are said to include:

– Party full of cool kids who never spoke to you in high school but are now your friends on Facebook
– All you can eat buffet
– Womb

Each pair will come with a hands-free alarm to notify loved ones when users need to be turned for bed sores.

From Cap-News


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