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Burglar Traced Through Facebook Account

A Minnesota man came home to find his house unlocked, cash and other items missing, and the accused burglar’s Facebook profile open on his computer,

June 29, 2016 Social, YouTwitFail
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Houston New Radio Station Goes All Beyonce

News92, Houston’s all-news radio station is dumping the new format and going to All Beyonce, All The Time

October 11, 2014 Social
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Snapchat Turns Down $3 Billion From Facebook

Rapidly growing Snapchat recently said “thanks, but no thanks” to an all-cash acquisition offer from Facebook for close to $3 billion or more, according to

November 14, 2013 Facebook, Social
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Can Your Facebook Friends Damage Your Credit?

The company you keep online now has a bigger impact on your financial life than you ever thought possible. Yes, that’s right. An increasing number of

November 05, 2013 Social
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Is Mom Really Your Facebook Friend If All Your Good Stuff Is On Snapchat?

Carly and her mom are friends on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that Mom can see everything

September 04, 2013 Social
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Newest Study: Facebook Is Bad For You

New research says interacting with your vast network of Facebook friends will make you LESS satisfied with your life, not more

August 24, 2013 Facebook, Social
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Study Finds Link Between How Pathetic You Are, How Fast You Respond To Emails

A new study published this week finds that pathetic people respond more quickly than cool people to emails

August 22, 2013 Social
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Internet Meme ‘Cray Cray’ To Add Third Cray

The Alliance For Internet Memes has voted 6-1 to resurrect the once popular term cray cray and expand it to a third cray for a whole new

August 12, 2013 Social
Derek Medina and his Wife 0

Relationship Status: Dead

People confess to a lot of things on Facebook: their frustrations, bad habits, secret longings and new loves. A Florida man confessed to something much

August 09, 2013 Facebook, Social
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Are You A Citizen Reporter?

Bite-sized technological devices such as smartphones and Android tablets hold the power to communicate in real time across the planet, making them significant tools to

July 16, 2013 Social
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