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Burglar Traced Through Facebook Account

A Minnesota man came home to find his house unlocked, cash and other items missing, and the accused burglar’s Facebook profile open on his computer,

June 29, 2016 Social, YouTwitFail
YouTube Music Awards 0

YouTube Music Awards: What Went Wrong?

Turns out YouTube is completely clueless when it comes to the production of a satisfactory awards show. Case in point: the YouTube Music Awards, a

November 22, 2013 YouTube, YouTwitFail
Pool Baby 0

Child Drowns While Woman Browses Facebook

Add this to the list of Internet dangers: Swimming while your caregiver gets sucked into their Facebook News Feed

August 15, 2013 Facebook, YouTwitFail
Damn - my autocorrect killed grandma! 0

Autocorrect Fails

Don’t you hate it when your smart phone makes you look like an idiot! Most images from DamnYouAutocorrect

December 01, 2012 YouTwitFail
reply_all-coholism 650x450 0

Guy Who Emailed 40,000 People By Mistake “glad it wasn’t something embarrassing”

A 19-year-old business administration student became an overnight sensation after he accidentally replied to a mailing list which included nearly 40,000 of his fellow NYU students.

November 28, 2012 YouTwitFail
iSlap app 650 x 450 1

iSlap App for iPad And iPadMini

Download the new iSlap app today

November 02, 2012 YouTwitFail
iStamp 1

New iStamp Incompatible With Window Envelopes

The US Postal Service honored the death of legendary entrepreneur Steve Jobs by releasing a new line of commemorative stamps featuring images of the iconic

October 29, 2012 YouTwitFail
Danger, Danger, Danger! 0

Girl Falls Into Sewer While Texting

A teenaged girl got a surprise while walking and texting on her phone recently – she stepped into an open manhole and fell into the

August 26, 2012 YouTwitFail
Protesters 0

Twitter Goes Down, Protests Pop Up

Twitter went down again yesterday for the second time in a month.  Immediately, groups of protesters started popping up all over the world.  Why?  The

July 27, 2012 Twitter, YouTwitFail
Romney iPhone app fail 0

Romney Outsourced iPhone App Development to India.

The Twittersphere exploded when the Romney campaign released the With Mitt iPhone app with the word America misspelled as Amercia.   The real irony ,

July 04, 2012 YouTwitFail
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