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Newest iPod Launch Delayed

Apple has announced that the release of its newest music player, the iPod Amoeba, has been delayed indefinitely due to a flaw in the overall

December 10, 2013 Tech
School Bus 0

School Officials Frown Upon iPod Knife

The Association of American Educators (AAE) has lodged a complaint with the Apple Corporation over its new, fifth-generation iPod Nano, which includes a retractable 2

December 05, 2013 Tech
fingerprint 0

iPhone 5s to Feature Fingerprint Scanner

The next iPhone could feature a fingerprint scanner on the home button

September 03, 2013 Tech
Siri 0

Siri: Coming To A TV Near You

Siri, you two-timing b#!@ch!

April 24, 2013 Tech, Uncategorized
twitter_music_bird 0

Twitter Launches Twitter Music

Twitter launched Twitter Music today. However, instead of an on-line music service, it’s more like Apple’s failed “Ping” thing

April 18, 2013 Twitter
iPad 0

Should You Buy An iPad?

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to buy an Apple iPad or not, use this handy flowchart to make the decision for you. From BB

March 14, 2013 Tech
Apple Store 0

Apple Stores To Begin Charging Entrance Fees

If you want to see the iPhone at an Apple store, be sure to bring some cash: Apple announced it will be charging an entrance

March 12, 2013 Tech
Android vs Big Mac 0

Android vs Big Mac

Big Macs cost a few bucks.  Android devices cost hundreds of dollars.  Is it possible that people buy as many Android devices as Big Macs

December 10, 2012 Tech
iStamp 1

New iStamp Incompatible With Window Envelopes

The US Postal Service honored the death of legendary entrepreneur Steve Jobs by releasing a new line of commemorative stamps featuring images of the iconic

October 29, 2012 YouTwitFail
iTypewriter 650x425 2

iTypewriter Released With Smaller iPad

Since the launch of the iPad, Apple has been fielding complaints about the difficulty of typing on the device.  With the release of the smaller

October 23, 2012 Tech, YouTube
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