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LOL Cats

June 03, 2013 Comics
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June 02, 2013 Comics
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Social Media Eye Chart

Do you see social media wherever you go

May 22, 2013 Social
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Twitter Types

The more time you spend on Twitter, the more you realize that all Tweeters fall into several distinct types.  They’re easy to categorize, from the

April 17, 2013 Twitter
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Resetting Your Password

Sometimes resetting your password feels like this!

April 09, 2013 YouTube
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Dad Pays Daughter To Stay Off Facebook

How much money would it take to get you to turn over the keys to your Facebook account? Father Paul Baier paid his 14-year-old daughter

February 10, 2013 Facebook
You Can Be "Facebook Dead" And Still Alive 0

You Can Be “Facebook Dead” Yet Still Fogging A Mirror

Rusty Foster discovered he was dead last week, at least according to Facebook

January 21, 2013 Facebook
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Autocorrect Fails

Don’t you hate it when your smart phone makes you look like an idiot! Most images from DamnYouAutocorrect

December 01, 2012 YouTwitFail
Senior Tech Lesson #1: Texting 0

Senior Tech Lesson #1: Texting

Texting doesn’t have to be scary!  Even those with no previous experience can learn how to text with this helpful YouTube lesson

November 30, 2012 YouTube
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Angry Birds – Star Wars Version

Angry Birds releases a new “Star Wars” version.  This is so wrong… or the coolest thing ever!

November 09, 2012 YouTube
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