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Google Glass 2.0 “Better Than Reality”

Google has announced that they’re already working on a second Google Glass model for consumers who have no desire to “get off their lazy asses

November 04, 2014 Tech, Uncategorized
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Google’s New “Camel-Cam” Replaces Car-Top Camera

It’s given us robot cars and internet-enabled glasses — but when it came to creating a “Street View” of a desert, Google hit on a

October 09, 2014 Tech
Google Barge 0

Google Barge

Officials for Google have confirmed that the barge floating in San Francisco Bay does belong to the search giant and does represent the base of

December 15, 2013 Tech
Google Glasses 0

Google Glass – The Real Story

Clunky, unstylish eyeglasses or technological revolution? Depends on who you ask

June 01, 2013 Tech
Google Nose 0

Google Nose Beta

March 31, 2013 Social
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Google Is About To Change Everything – Again

What you see in the picture below will forever change the way people work, share and play in a million different ways!

February 26, 2013 Tech
Google 0

Google Will Soon Know Exactly What You Are Doing

In the future, updates to your Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter accounts will be made automatically by your Android device

January 17, 2013 Tech
Android vs Big Mac 0

Android vs Big Mac

Big Macs cost a few bucks.  Android devices cost hundreds of dollars.  Is it possible that people buy as many Android devices as Big Macs

December 10, 2012 Tech
Google with Car logo 1

Look Ma! No Hands: Google Launches Self-Driving Car

Google has invented a car that drives itself, and it is already on the roads in California and Nevada

October 31, 2012 Tech
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Bored & Loaded With Cash, Google Adds “Bacon Number” To Search Results

Google search can be helpful in many ways: obscure trivia facts, book summaries (including insightful commentary), song lyrics, Justin Bieber news. Now it can give

September 16, 2012 Tech
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