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Google Glass 2.0 “Better Than Reality”

Google has announced that they’re already working on a second Google Glass model for consumers who have no desire to “get off their lazy asses

November 04, 2014 Tech, Uncategorized
Facebook 0

Facebook: “You Will Live With Our Sucky Product”

In a statement released to its 1.1 billion users, social media site Facebook announced Wednesday that the company will continue to make bad changes to

August 31, 2013 Facebook
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Study Finds Link Between How Pathetic You Are, How Fast You Respond To Emails

A new study published this week finds that pathetic people respond more quickly than cool people to emails

August 22, 2013 Social
Twitter Music 0

Twitter Music Songs Limited To Chorus

New details are emerging about Twitter’s new music offering: company officials confirm the service will include only the chorus of songs, calling it “an innovative

August 20, 2013 Twitter
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Florida Homeless To Get Free Wireless Internet

The Florida State legislature has passed a resolution that will provide free wireless internet to all of the state’s homeless by early next year

August 17, 2013 Tech
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Internet Meme ‘Cray Cray’ To Add Third Cray

The Alliance For Internet Memes has voted 6-1 to resurrect the once popular term cray cray and expand it to a third cray for a whole new

August 12, 2013 Social
Apple Store 0

Apple Stores To Begin Charging Entrance Fees

If you want to see the iPhone at an Apple store, be sure to bring some cash: Apple announced it will be charging an entrance

March 12, 2013 Tech
iRock Rocking Chair Charges Your iPad 0

iRock Rocking Chair Charges Your iPad

Imagine charging your iPad while sitting and rocking in a chair. The iRock from Switzerland-based Micasa Labs generates power from the rocking motion which is

November 15, 2012 Tech
Facebook 0

Survey Questions Facebook Should Have Asked

Has Facebook asked you recently if you’d like to take a survey, giving feedback about your Facebook experience

November 05, 2012 Uncategorized
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Facebook To Launch Line Of Sneakers

Facebook is teaming up with Adidas to launch a new line of shoes. The first release will be a stylish athletic shoe

November 03, 2012 Facebook
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