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Is Mom Really Your Facebook Friend If All Your Good Stuff Is On Snapchat?

Carly and her mom are friends on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that Mom can see everything

September 04, 2013 Social
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June 02, 2013 Comics
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Social Media Eye Chart

Do you see social media wherever you go

May 22, 2013 Social
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China Censoring Jokes About Penis-Shaped Building

The People’s Daily – the main state-owned newspaper of China’s communist party – is getting a new headquarters building. It is massive, imposing, and, uh, currently

May 03, 2013 Social
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Twitter Types

The more time you spend on Twitter, the more you realize that all Tweeters fall into several distinct types.  They’re easy to categorize, from the

April 17, 2013 Twitter
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Start Using The Right Side Of Your Brain

Some fun optical illusions are circulating around the Internet lately

December 27, 2012 Social
YouTube Video: Golden Eagle Snatches Kid 0

Tricked By The Internet Again: “Eagle Snatches Kid” Video Was A Hoax

A video of a golden eagle swooping down and picking up a kid quickly went viral, gaining almost 40 million views on  YouTube in less

December 19, 2012 YouTube
Romney Facebook Page 0

Facebook Friends Leaving Romney Like Rats From A Sinking Ship

If losing the presidential election wasn’t enough, Mitt Romney has been hemorrhaging Facebook friends

November 13, 2012 Facebook
Louis CK on Conan O'Brien 2

Everything Is Amazing And Nobody Is Happy

Are you absolutely in awe of the amazing technology we have at our disposal today?  No, didn’t think so

October 22, 2012 Social
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Another Cat Goes Viral (Yawn)

Trending right now:  Another Facebook Cat

September 21, 2012 Facebook, Social
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