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The New Watercooler

June 01, 2013 Comics
Facebook Logo 0

Facebook Rolls Out New Logo

Facebook quietly rolled out a new main logo, as well as new logos for some of the company’s official pages

April 23, 2013 Facebook
Facebook Like 0

Are You Above Average?

How many pages does the average Facebook user like? The chart below shows the breakdown by country. Facebook has been making a push to get

April 16, 2013 Facebook
Facebook Decline 0

Are Teens Abandoning Facebook?

And the survey says: teens are losing interest in Facebook. Several years ago, Facebook became the new MySpace when it rose to where it is

April 15, 2013 Facebook
Google 0

Google Will Soon Know Exactly What You Are Doing

In the future, updates to your Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter accounts will be made automatically by your Android device

January 17, 2013 Tech
Introducgin the New(est) Myspace 0

Watch Out Facebook – New Myspace Trying To Look Like Pinterest

Myspace is launching another new design.  It looks a lot like Pinterest, but with music

September 24, 2012 Social
Larry Page 0

Google’s Larry Page Wants YouTwitFace, but Zuckerberg Won’t Allow It

YouTwitFace nirvana will be realized when YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all “merge” by seamlessly sharing login info, making access to the three services a breeze. 

August 21, 2012 Facebook, Social
Arielle Zuckerberg 620x349 0

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Now Works for Google

Where wouldn’t you expect a Zuckerberg to land? Google is probably at the top of that list

August 01, 2012 Facebook
Kinder Gentler Internet 0

A Kinder, Gentler Internet

With this new technology on its way, the Pair app doesn’t stand a chance! Thanks to

July 17, 2012 Comics
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The Underwear Blogger

A threat to our national security? Thanks to

July 10, 2012 Comics
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