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Newest Study: Facebook Is Bad For You

New research says interacting with your vast network of Facebook friends will make you LESS satisfied with your life, not more

August 24, 2013 Facebook, Social
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Study Finds Link Between How Pathetic You Are, How Fast You Respond To Emails

A new study published this week finds that pathetic people respond more quickly than cool people to emails

August 22, 2013 Social
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Facebook Study Confirms Men And Women Are Different

A new study confirms what has only been folklore up to now: women are different than men

May 07, 2013 Facebook
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Why Do The French Hate Twitter?

Twitter – it’s everywhere, isn’t it

May 01, 2013 Twitter
Twitter knows when you'll get sick before you do 1

Twitter Knows When You Will Get Sick Before You Do

Researchers at the University Of Rochester (New York) have been able to determine when healthy people are about to get sick with an accuracy level

August 05, 2012 Twitter
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New Study: Facebook Moms Hotter Than Non-Moms

A recent US study found that Facebookin’ moms are hotter than non-mothers who use social media

July 23, 2012 Social
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New Study: Facebook Causes Depression

Researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics have proposed a new phenomenon called “Facebook depression.”

July 18, 2012 Facebook
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Newer Study: Facebook Does Not Cause Depression

A new study refutes the supposed link between depression and the amount of time spent on Facebook and other social-media sites. This new University of

July 18, 2012 Facebook
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New Study: Facebook Makes You Fat

A new study reveals that Facebook makes you fat, and it’s not because of all the donuts you eat while sitting for hours stalking your

July 14, 2012 Facebook
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Study: More Than 80% of Internet is Pictures of Cats

A new study finds that a sizable majority of the Internet is taken up by pictures of cats

June 26, 2012 Social
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