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Twitter Music Songs Limited To Chorus

New details are emerging about Twitter’s new music offering: company officials confirm the service will include only the chorus of songs, calling it “an innovative

August 20, 2013 Twitter
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Are You A Citizen Reporter?

Bite-sized technological devices such as smartphones and Android tablets hold the power to communicate in real time across the planet, making them significant tools to

July 16, 2013 Social
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Vine vs Instagram: Round 2

Round 2: Recording Round 2 of Vine versus Instagram: Recording With Vine, users just need to press down anywhere on the screen to record. On

July 10, 2013 Vine
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Tweet And Post From Your TV

Satellite-TV provider Dish Network now allows you to Tweet and Post with its latest Hopper Whole-Home HD

May 31, 2013 Social
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Latest Twitter Craze: Favoriting Tweets

Have you noticed your tweets are being “favorited” more often on Twitter lately? Or are you one of the folks responsible for this favoriting uptick

May 03, 2013 Twitter
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Why Do The French Hate Twitter?

Twitter – it’s everywhere, isn’t it

May 01, 2013 Twitter
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Twitter Launches Twitter Music

Twitter launched Twitter Music today. However, instead of an on-line music service, it’s more like Apple’s failed “Ping” thing

April 18, 2013 Twitter
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Twitter Types

The more time you spend on Twitter, the more you realize that all Tweeters fall into several distinct types.  They’re easy to categorize, from the

April 17, 2013 Twitter
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Are Teens Abandoning Facebook?

And the survey says: teens are losing interest in Facebook. Several years ago, Facebook became the new MySpace when it rose to where it is

April 15, 2013 Facebook
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“Look Up!” Military Strike Announced On Twitter

Shit got real on Twitter this week, with Israel announcing a military strike on the Gaza Strip, and even posting videos

November 16, 2012 Twitter
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